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Why Join?

There are several compelling reasons for you to join the Quad Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is dedicated to promoting and supporting local businesses, think of us as your hype and PR department!

Top Eight Benefits

  1. Networking Opportunities: The Chamber hosts events such as Lunch & Learn, Networking Breakfast, Nosh & Network Happy Hours and more. These events provide area businesses with opportunities to connect with other local business owners, potential customers, and community leaders.
  2. Business Referrals: The Chamber frequently receives inquiries from individuals and organizations seeking recommendations for local products and services. Being a chamber member can increase the likelihood of your business receiving referrals.
  3. Visibility and Credibility: Membership in a chamber of commerce can enhance a small business's credibility and visibility within the community. Make the most of your membership by displaying the Chamber's logo on marketing materials and the business premises, as it is a symbol of trustworthiness and commitment to the local community.
  4. Advocacy and Representation: The Chamber does its best to advocate for local businesses on issues affecting the business environment. They may lobby for pro-business policies, represent members' interests to local government, and provide a unified voice for small businesses.
  5. Educational Resources: The Chamber will provide you with useful information you don’t have time to track down yourself. We also offer workshops and educational resources to help small businesses develop skills and stay.
  6. Marketing and Promotion: We provide opportunities for members to market their products and services through chamber-sponsored events, publications, websites, and social media channels. This exposure can help small businesses reach a broader audience.
  7. Discounts: Some members offer fellow member discounts on goods and services, saving you money on things you’re already in need of and supporting a fellow area business.
  8. Community Involvement: Joining the Quad Area Chamber helps small businesses to become more deeply involved in their local community. This involvement can lead to partnerships with local nonprofits, schools, and other community organizations, fostering a positive public image.

In summary, joining a chamber of commerce can provide numerous benefits for small businesses, including networking opportunities, increased visibility, cost savings, and access to valuable resources and support. It can be an essential part of a business's growth and success within its local community.

Which Membership is Right for You?

Membership Tiers

Non-Profits $225 ($18.75/mo)
Suggested for 501c3 and 501c6 organizations

Faith Community
Churches may join at no charge.

Friends of the Quad
Suggested for Individuals and Non-licensed business $180 ($15/mo)

Quad Solopreneurs
Suggested for solopreneurs and home-based businesses $288 ($24/mo)

Quad Entrepreneurs
Suggested for businesses with 1-5 employees $360 ($30/mo)

Quad Supporters
Suggested for businesses with 6-20 employees $600 ($50/mo)

Quad Builders
Suggested for businesses with 21-49 employees/schools/cities/big box $840 ($70/mo)

Quad Leaders
Suggested for businesses with 50-99 employees $1090 ($90/mo)

Quad Champions
Suggested for businesses with 100+ employees $1500 ($125/mo)


Our membership levels are suggested based on the number of employees, but we encourage businesses to choose the one that is right for them. All memberships offer valuable tools. The higher level memberships do include additional perks.

The perks encourage greater engagement and visibility. Choose the level that best fits your business knowing we'll be here to support you.

Your membership allows supports the Chamber and enables us to provide more opportunities and tools.

See the perks below!

QACC Membership Packages